WHCRA Information

What is WHCRA?

WHCRA stands for West Harris County Regional Water Authority.

The West Harris County Regional Water Authority was created by HB 1842, introduced by Rep. Callegari and sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Jon Lindsay. The bill was approved by the 77th Texas Legislature, signed into law by Governor Perry on May 28, 2001, and immediately went into effect.

The Authority was created to accomplish the purposes of provision of surface water and groundwater for various uses, the reduction of groundwater withdrawals, the conservation, preservation, protection, recharge, and prevention of waste of groundwater and of groundwater reservoirs , the control of subsidence caused by withdrawal of water from those groundwater reservoirs, and other public purposes stated in the Act.

The fees that homeowners and business see on their water bill is simply a pass through of the fees imposed on MUD’s and municipalities. Fees have increased on an annual basis and it is expected to continue. Generally, WHCRA fees are now roughly half of the total water bill one receives. Harris County MUD No. 61 has no control over these fees. All MUD No. 61 can do is attempt to explain the fees. Below is the most recent communication regarding the new fees expected in January 2018.

Current rate order can be found on the “Documents” page.

Additional information regarding WHCRA can be found by clicking here.